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Seize Seven Points Service Market Machine Tool Enterprises To Enhance Marketing Power

Three-point product, seven-point service, this for the machine tool product Description again image however. If you leave the service support, the machine will become "semi-finished". Based on the technical complexities, customers may not be able to obtain the use value of the product and cannot be used for reproduction. At present, many machinery enterprises face the bottleneck is the channel problem, foreign market competition is fierce, the domestic market and capacity is limited, to the after-sales service market is a good way. The so-called machine tool aftermarket refers to the machine tool sales, around the use of machine tools in the process of service, it covers the user to buy machine tools after all the services needed for trade. For example, machine tool installation Services, maintenance testing, spare parts supply, technical training, renovation and upgrading, disintegration and recovery, financial credit, leasing intermediary, second-hand market transactions, such as a series of services combined.

There are many inevitable factors in the rise of machine tool aftermarket: First, the extension of machine tool industry chain and the division of value of industrial chain members, after-sales service market value causes the enterprise to pay attention to, the second is the service outsourcing Tide drive, the service outsourcing also accelerated the Post-sale market era arrival; third, the customer value is highlighted, the customer service value demand is increasing, the Post-sale service market unceasingly is subdivided and deepens.

In an excessively competitive market environment, service should not be a passive response, but should be active guidance or pandering, is a strategic marketing tools and profit model. Machine tool Marketing is the key to "early brand value-driven, late service value drive." The role of the brand is to play a customer, to attract customers to come to "buy tickets", and once the customer "on board", machine tool Enterprises will strive through the service to keep customers in the "ship", long-term "with the ship."

Machine tool enterprises to strengthen after-sales service is its core competitiveness, but also to enhance market sales force must play cards. Machine tool is a "big product" concept, that is, the integration of the Entity Products service products, even can be said that service marketing is the whole machine tool marketing. Imagine, if the CNC machine tool Enterprises do not send people there to help install and debug, until the normal operation of the state, then CNC machine tool is difficult to achieve accurate production goals. Therefore, the machine tool Enterprises should strive to realize the service of manufacturing industry, the core is to customer-centric, and actively provide customer needs personalized services, from simple selling products to provide "product-service Package" and other comprehensive services, the overall solution.