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Screw Production Process

Every industry has its own assembly lines and rules, which in this society each industry should be more exchanges, understand each other's production procedures, so that can promote social harmony, the staff of various industries understand each other, mutual understanding of the responsibilities of the work, to popularize the intellectual side of various industries, so that everyone's thinking is no longer limited to their own professional.

So now let's introduce you to the whole process of screw production, to let everyone know that mechanical production is a very cautious process, to bear the responsibility is also very important, even a small screw can not be ignored, this is the respect for life, as well as the responsibility of society.

The first is the disk element, according to the actual life requirements, to understand the factory plate, specifications, materials and name, as well as weight and quantity, then buy some suitable wire rods. To pay attention to buy not only cheap choose inferior, for life, we still choose high-quality good.

The second is annealing, there is the ability to increase the forging screws, so that the production of post-processing will be more convenient.

The third is pickling, although the link is relatively simple, is on the surface of the screws to deal with it, but this link will make the next link more convenient.

The Forth is to draw the line, undertake the pickling link above.

Five, the starting point, this link is to complete the shaping of teeth.

Heat treatment, change the mechanical properties of screws.

In order to meet the requirements of customers and the appearance of products, this link is very important.