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Introduction Of Processing Standard For Copper Nut

Copper-nut rows or copper-lined copper rows, in the production process will be used in the copper nut, the cross-section of rectangular or chamfer (rounded corners) rectangular long conductor (now generally used fillet copper, in order to avoid the production of cutting-edge discharge), mainly in the circuit, can be used to transmit electricity and electrical equipment. The process standards are as follows:
First, according to customer requirements design drawings to design, choose the best processing program.

Second, check the electrical components, see whether the copper nut processing suitable.
Third, the choice of copper row bus. The main bus specifications and materials according to the design drawings, branch bus material without special requirements and the main circuit bus is the same. Branch Circuit bus (conductor) selection, according to the diagram of the line diameter selection, if not marked by the circuit breaker off the current selection. In the process of processing copper nut, we should consider a variety of options, choose the best scheme to process, of course, the same time the processing of copper needles.