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Hardness Of Spring Stamping Parts

A lot of spring stamping die and metal stamping parts are to pass the surface heat treatment, such as the surface nitriding, relative to such a mold, the public is most concerned about its surface hardness and hardening depth!
We usually test after the surface heat treatment stamping die steel hardness, need to correct a mistake, that is, we should not use the Richter hardness on this occasion, and this is determined by the principle of the Richter hardness tester, and the dimension, Luo, cloth three kinds of commonly used hardness tester is static test principle. Then a hard pressed head is slowly pressed into the specimen surface. Then test the depth or size of the indentation. To determine the size of the hardness value. However, the Richter hardness Tester is the dynamic test principle!
In fact, in general, it's the test method is to set a good quality of the sphere, and then at the specified speed to impact the surface of the specimen, and then test its initial speed and rebound after the speed of the difference, so as to determine the hardness of the sample, in fact, to understand this is not difficult as long as the understanding of the Richter hardness gauge in the standard hardness is much thicker can be known, and it test out the hardness value is obviously not the hardness of the nitride layer, more than the hardness of the substrate, which is the combination of two results!