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China's Manufacturing Industry From Automation To Intelligent Transition Is The Inevitable Choice

With the rapid development and growth of the world economy, the intelligent manufacturing plant will bring about transformation and impact to all industries, and will lead the development of global manufacturing industry, and the transformation of Chinese manufacturing industry from automation to intellectual movement is an inevitable choice.
Robot technology is a forward-looking and strategic high-tech field. Industrial robot Automation production line has become the mainstream of automation equipment, domestic robot popularization is also a matter of time.
The practice of industrial robots in nearly half a century in many countries around the world shows that the popularization of industrial robots is an effective means to realize automatic production, improve social productivity and promote the development of enterprises and social productive forces. Robot technology is a forward-looking and strategic high-tech field. Industrial robot Automation production line has become the mainstream of automation equipment, domestic robot popularization is also a matter of time.
Although today's robot has not yet developed to a very intelligent level, but simple machine workers, machine assistants have gradually gone into the industrial field, people are increasingly relying on advanced technology to carry out production and life. According to the news, the United States Congress rules, by 2015 years ago, one-third of ground combat will use robot soldiers.
Thus, China's sense of crisis has accelerated the pace of the development of robotics industry. China's Robotics Industry Advancement Conference, the Ministry of Industry and Information technology, after the research on the robotics industry, will release the guidance on the development of industrial robotics industry. The robot moves toward the Intellectualization, the universal, will launch the manufacturing revolution. This shows that the age of robotics in industry is on the stage of China's industrial development.
Under the strong support of the national policy, the robot industry will usher in explosive growth, while the new industry would bring new employment opportunities. At present, the fight for the robot project has become a local emerging manufacturing industry wrestle. Domestic manufacturing industry from the human cost of forced automated production transformation demand, so that industrial robot industry into the outbreak of growth period, Dongguan, Tianjin, Kunshan, Qingdao, Shenyang, and other places such as the robot industry base mushroomed.
In order to adapt to the intensification of market competition, China's manufacturing industry has undergone important changes in recent years, such as mass production of enterprises to the market or customer demand for flexible manufacturing changes, design and control systems are independently integrated into the design and control system integration transformation, in the production of a place to the global procurement, production transformation, manufacturing plants to the quality, cost, efficiency and safety requirements are also increasing, it is foreseeable that these changes will promote the development of automation technology and application into a new stage of development.
At present, some domestic manufacturing enterprises began to introduce a large number of automated production equipment, technology, to the industry passed a message: the concept of intelligent production is awakening, and into the rising channel. "Although many of the robots introduced by enterprises are also classified as industrial robots, they cannot be counted as intelligent robots, but the automation technology represented by industrial robots is the basis of intelligence." The introduction of automation robots has played a catalytic and exemplary role in the development of intelligence and industry. And these functions will greatly promote the development of China's robotics industry.
Intelligent manufacturing plant requires a clear understanding of production and marketing processes, improve the controllability of the process, reduce the production line manual intervention, timely and correctly collect production line data, more reasonable production planning and production schedule, including from product development to design, outsourcing, production and delivery, every stage of manufacturing needs to achieve a high degree of automation, intelligence, and the various stages of information high integration is an inevitable trend. The first brand of manufacturing automation in Guangdong Billiton Starr as an example, as robot system integrators in the field of automation and "machine substitution" through the central feeding system, manipulator, in the injection molding industry has been widely used to achieve "unmanned chemical plant" and "No Light Workshop" proof: The successful implementation of machine substitution has promoted the transformation and innovation of management mode such as production management, human resource management, information management, organization more lean and systematic, and finally, efficient and powerful impetus enterprise from "manufacture" to "wisdom". Transition.