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Blanking Method In Sheet Metal Processing Process

Sheet metal processing process according to the structure of the sheet metal differences, the process can be different, today we mainly talk about the process of cutting the way:
1. NC Numerical Control, NC blanking, the first to write NC processing program, using programming software, the drawn expansion diagram is programmed to be recognized by the NC machining machine tool, which is used to punch the flat plate on the plate according to these programs, but its structure is affected by the tool structure, the cost is low and the precision is 0.15.
2. Punching machine: Is the use of punching step or more in the plate on the part of the plate after the expansion of a variety of shape material stamping parts, the advantages of short hours, high efficiency, low cost, suitable for mass production, but to design molds.
3. Shearing: Is the use of shearing shear strip simple material, it is mainly for the mold blanking forming preparation, precision less than 0.2, but can only be machined without holes without cutting corners of the bar or block material.
4. Laser cutting, is the use of the beam, on the large flat plate of the structure of the shape of the cutting out, the same as NC to write a laser program, it can be under a variety of complex shapes of flat pieces, high cost, precision of 0.1.
5. Sawing machine: The main use of aluminum profiles, square, drawing tube, round bar material, such as low cost, low precision.